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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Citrus Month: Don't Move Citrus!

The title of this post really says it all: don't move citrus across state lines.

There are a number of citrus disease in the world, but one in particular has been devastating citrus industries around the world: it's called Citrus Greening, it destroys citrus trees, and there is no cure.

Citrus Greening is vectored, or spread, by a minuscule insect called the Asian Citrus Psyllid. The insect has spread to Florida, and the disease is now found in 33 Florida counties, and in Louisiana. The insect has also now been found in California, Mexico, and other citrus-growing states.

The only way to prevent its spread is to not move trees. I know it's hard to believe, but all it takes is one tree, or even one green leaf, to spread the insect and disease to a new area and destroy a new region of American citrus.

If you live in a citrus-growing region, then there is a nursery somewhere near you that can provide all the citrus trees you could possibly want; that free tree from your brother in California, or that rare variety you found on your road-trip to Florida, simply aren't worth it.

Buy your citrus trees locally. If you can't find a local supplier for that special tree you have your heart set on, let me know: I'll find it for you.

For more information on Citrus Greening and the importance of not moving trees, visit the USDA Citrus Crisis site at

Remember, the citrus you save may be your own!


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