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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From the Inbox: Seville Oranges in Boston

In response to my recipe for Seville Orange Marmalade, I received the following note from a reader in Boston, Massachusetts:

Your recipe for marmalade sounds great! Any idea where or how I can get a hold of Seville Oranges in the Boston area? Can I buy them mail order? Many, many thanks for your advice.
Good morning Carrie,
It is part of the strangeness of life that what we don't appreciate in its abundance at home is so often highly desirable to those who have none.

Literally tons of despised and unwanted Seville Oranges rot in the gardens and landscapes of the Southwest while cooks in other climes would pay a premium to get their hands on them. I feel much the same way about rhubarb; I love rhubarb and it's practically impossible to grow in my corner of the Desert Garden, while my friends and relations in the rhubarb-growing parts of the world simply despise the stuff.

But, on to your question.

It's been years since I have visited markets in Boston, but if you want to try to find Seville Oranges locally, I would check out some of the "ethnic" food markets, especially Cuban, Salvadoran, Southern Mexican, or Southeast Asian markets. Better yet, head down to the weekend Haymarket Square produce market and look around. Seville Oranges look a lot like sweet oranges, so you may need to ask questions. This is peak season for the Seville Orange, so if a vendor doesn't have them to hand they may be able to get them in for you.

The only mail-order I know of for Seville Oranges is Rising C Ranches in California; their web address is I have never done business with them and know nothing about the quality of their product or service, but they do list Seville Oranges as one of the products they will ship.

I hope this helps,

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