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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back at the Ranch: Bug Week, Day 3

Dragonfly © Tyler Storey

All bugs are, in their own peculiar ways, interesting, but some bugs are simply amazing. This Dragonfly falls into the latter category. I spotted it the other morning as it was resting on the Minneola Tangelo tree. The picture doesn't do it justice; it was a good four inches from stem to stern, and the green portion of its body was slightly iridescent. This was a big sparkly dragonfly (click the picture for a larger view).

Dragonflies are voracious eaters of mosquitoes and flies, and thus count as top-ranked beneficial insects, even if you're not a gardener. Considering the size of this one, I can only imagine how many mosquitoes it must eat to keep going.

Notice in the picture the spattering of what looks like white-wash on the leaves below and to the right of the dragonfly's wings. That's the result of a different insect, called a sharpshooter, a piercing and sucking insect that is very fond of citrus; the white substance is dried sharpshooter exudate. If you've ever stood under or near a citrus tree and felt a tiny sprinke, as of raindrops, that's what you were feeling: Sharpshooter exudate. A gentle rain of insect poop. It won't hurt you.


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